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   Names- Places. Names are time resistant. Names remain after everything else is lost, changed. As long as there is a name there is still a memory.
  In this ever-changing landscape of New York City sometimes even the names are overwritten maybe replaced by numbers. The trouble with the semantics of numbers is that they don’t carry history within their folds of meaning. Names like Bushwick are semiotic evidence of the wooded past of our neighborhood and the people who lived in it. The de-regulated nature of our unique neighborhood allows us to visibly see the layers of time everywhere we go, in the streets in the architecture, in the names. Many of us are the gentrifiers, the new flood of fresh blood. We are not random inhabitants disconnected from our environment; we are part of a greater whole, which is the history of a great city, in great times of change.

Names -Places started as a need to express my sense of belonging towards my environment in New York City. I started pasting these posters on the streets of the neighborhood and later started to sell T shirts in a local designer store. More and more people started to recognize the image, and to my surprise many people were equally interested in the history of the neighborhood and felt a similar connection to the area. Recently, the projects has expanded and I started selling the posters for a small price so people would be encouraged to hang the posters up themselves around their home.


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